What We Do

Why Church Management?

Today, many church leaders are tasked with financial and organizational decisions for which they have little to no formal training. The Global Institute for Church Management (GICM) helps these leaders by sponsoring education in business management skills — helping priests, religious and lay people become exemplary stewards of the Church’s material goods while giving testimony to the Gospel.

Who Is This For?

Building on the Program of Church Management developed by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, GICM helps those who work for the Church all over the world in economic and administrative capacities develop key management, financial and organizational skills. In turn, these students go back to their dioceses equipped to apply best business practices, transparency, accountability, and true involvement of the laity in the management of the Church’s material assets.

How it Works

The GICM draws on a wealth of expertise from participating universities and partner institutions to assure the level highest level of academic excellence. Students participate in classroom and online learning opportunities. Topics are relevant to daily pastoral ministry and the participation of priests and other persons dedicated to the Church’s service ensures the immediate application to the practical needs of the parish, the diocese, the religious order or other Christian organizations.