The Shepherdship Courses

Equipping priests with the business skills they need to serve their parishes and focus on what matters most

"The word Shepherdship signals our goal of equipping the Church with the necessary skills to carry out the role of shepherd as described in Sacred Scripture and the Church’s history."
Fr. Anthony
Fr. Anthony Stoeppel
Vice Rector, St. Patrick's Seminary, San Francisco

Accessible business management training for parish priests

Among their many duties, parish priests are entrusted to steward their parish’s resources: overseeing budgets, fundraising, personnel, contracts, and more. GICM’s Shepherdship Courses are designed to equip busy parish priests with core business management skills through training modules adapted to their needs, time constraints, and budget. Trainings are designed and taught by other parish priests.

Fr. James

Why Shepherdship?

Parish priests are at the heart of their communities. They serve as fathers to their flocks, administer the sacraments, offer guidance and encouragement, and lead various ministries and projects.They are also tasked with stewarding parish assets, often with little to no management training in the seminary.

Our Shepherdship Courses give priests the skills they need to manage resources appropriately, make business decisions with confidence, and hire and oversee the right lay experts to support the efforts under their care. In turn, parish priests gain back invaluable time to perform the ministerial duties only they can provide. 

Practical training in Church Management

The Theology of Management

Understand organizational structure within a parish and how to engage the right people in the right roles

Fundamental Concepts of Accounting

Demystify the balance sheet with this overview of accounting concepts that will help you gain confidence and insight

Finance Council Management

Learn how to engage and guide this critical parish resource

Shepherdship courses


Keep your parish finances healthy and your parishioners engaged with the right strategy

Contract Negotiation

Spend resources wisely, define business needs clearly, and build the foundation for productive business partnerships

& Co-responsibility

Learn the practical aspects of stewardship and how healthy parishes share in the work between clergy and laity

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