Real Estate Conference 2022

The first event of its kind for managing Church assets

Why Church real estate?

Many of us have heard the criticism that the Church is “too rich”. As the world’s oldest and largest non-profit entity, the Church certainly has a wealth of assets at its disposal. But the truth of those assets — what they are and how they contribute to building the Body of Christ — is much  more nuanced than many know. 

Among the many assets entrusted to the Church, real estate is possibly the most visible and the most affected by changing demographics, economics, and market trends. 

The challenge of real estate

On April 28-30 2022 we hosted in Rome experts in the field who are working on the ground to reimagine and revitalize Church properties in a way that better serves our apostolic and evangelical needs, while providing much-needed revenue for the Church — and  using those savings (and earnings!) in support of their critical ministries.

Co-hosted by Global Institute of Church Management and the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate at the University of Notre Dame, the 2022 Real Estate and the New Evangelization Conference hosted experts in finance, real estate, theology, and more.

Theology of Place/ "Rebuild My Church"
Old Property, New Evangelization
Repurposing Contemporary Spaces

Conference Keynote Speeches

Church Property: Blessing or Curse?

Notre Dame/FIRE’s Role in Service to the Church

A Franciscan Perspective on Land, Buildings, and Assets

Dom Benedict Nivakoff OSB

Religious Orders & Property: Ever Ancient, Ever New

The Importance of Place for Catholicism

Underutilized Church Property

The Significance of Real Estate for the New Evangelization

Conference Case Studies

Contemporary Spaces into Places of Catholic Workshop: Crystal Cathedral to Christ Cathedral

Repurposing Urban Spaces to Serve

Developing a Real Estate Portfolio in the Archdiocese of Lipa, Philippines

Conference Roundtable

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