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Ever Ancient, Ever New

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Keynote speech delivered at the Real Estate & The New Evangelization conference held in Rome by Dom Benedict Nivakoff OSB. 

In this keynote speech, Dom Benedict Nivakoff OSB (prior of the Monastery of St Benedict in Monte – Norcia) explores the theology of place surrounding property, delving into the intersection of faith, spirituality and the material world in relation to property and real estate. 

Monasteries have been hubs of learning, spirituality, development, trade, farming… for centuries and still hold an important place in the Church nowadays. As Catholics, we believe that matter matters – God became man and died and rose fully in his humanity. God stayed with us in the Eucharist, living in innumerable tabernacles around the world. Place has a place in God’s plan. St. Benedict knew this well, and loved buildings for what they represented – a reflection of God’s plan for us.

Drawing from the congregation’s history, spirituality and, more recently, from the devastating earthquake that destroyed St. Benedict’s crypt and their monastery, Dom Benedict guides us through three key elements needed to faithfully steward the land entrusted to us by God, making sure that this asset becomes a space that reflects God’s plan for us and that becomes a gift for future generations.

Learn more about the Monastery of St. Benedict in Monte here.

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