The World Needs Transparency


This week’s events in Washington, D.C., have stunned not only the U.S. but observers around the world. I cannot but continue to underscore the need for each of us to deepen our own spiritual lives so that we can face these challenges with calm, clear hearts and minds. After all, peace comes from God, fear and […]

Returning to Our Roots

icon of Christ

If you’re like me and you saw Bishop Bransfield’s apology to the faithful, you might be disappointed and dismayed. I’m easily prone to such reactions. At the same time, it’s precisely these situations which fuel my hope in programs like the Global Institute of Church Management.  You see, the abuses in the Church are not who or what […]

Transparency in the Church

Transparency is not only a central principle of business ethics but is crucial for the Church because the Church is essentially a truth telling institution. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is Himself Truth and Light!

Cardinal Pell Endorses the GICM

Cardinal Pell addresses GICM

Speaking from Australia, Cardinal Pell discusses the critical role of management education in the global Church: “To say the Church is not a business provides no justification for us to be inefficient, much less corrupt.”