National Catholic Register: Pia de Solenni on the McCarrick Report

view of the Vatican collonades

Pia de Solenni speaks about the McCarrick Report: Pia de Solenni, a moral theologian and the president of the Global Institute of Church Management, pointed to one of the report’s most disturbing passages, in which an inebriated McCarrick harasses a young priest in full view of two New Jersey bishops, Bishop John McHugh and Bishop […]

What the McCarrick Report Doesn’t Tell Us

Last week saw the long-awaited report on disgraced Cardinal Theodore Mccarrick. Many of the stories are by now well known, but some of the details are painfully new, covered in over 400 pages. I wish I could say something that would undo the pain, frustration, and discouragement that many of us are now feeling. Scandals […]

Relevant Radio: Fr. Robert Gahl Talks About the McCarrick Report

Relevant Radio

As the McCarrick report has been released, it has Catholics unsure of where to go from here. We unpack the report with Fr. Robert Gahl, as he helps put it into perspective. The gates of hell will never prevail against the Catholic Church. Stay strong and know that while evil has been exposed, God is […]