St. Joseph, the Series

A Special Series for the Year of St. Joseph

In 2021, we had the privilege of hosting a special series about St Joseph on EWTN. Each episode presents a different reflection on this unique saint’s mission: as the husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus, as a model of humility, as the father in the Temple. Watch below for reflections given by:

Fr. Cristian Mendoza – Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary

Fr. Guy Noël Kouankam Tchapda – Saint Joseph, Father of Jesus

Very Rev. Scott Borgman – Saint Joseph, the Humble

Fr. Robert Gahl – Saint Joseph in the Temple

Cardinal Peter Turkson – Saint Joseph the Steward

St. Joseph, Episode 1: Husband of Mary

Fr. Cristian Mendoza

St. Joseph, Episode 2: Father of Jesus

Father Guy Noël Kouankam Tchapda

St. Joseph, Episode 3: Joseph the Humble

Very Rev Scott Borgman

St. Joseph, Episode 4: Joseph in the Temple

Fr. Robert Gahl

St. Joseph, Episode 5: Joseph the Steward

Cardinal Peter Turkson

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