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Managing Networks in International Religious Congregations – May 21, 2020

Like all organizations with an international orientation, religious orders and congregations need to coordinate and relate with overseas communities and balance between control and local autonomy. The ability to create synergies across and within Countries may be key to be efficient and united. Moreover, global challenges require more complex networks of collaboration, including inter-congregational and inter-faith networks. What international models are best suited to thrive in today’s world? How do these models balance between control and local adaptation?

Transparency and Governance in the Church – May 5, 2020

The webinar explores how best practices of organizational transparency can be applied to Church management contexts, and the direct and indirect ethical implications of transparency practices for Church managers. It identifies the ethical considerations that should be taken into account in transparency-related decision making processes (for example, privacy, security, accountability, etc.) It also considers if the idea of “crystalline transparency” is realistic and appropriate in Church management contexts, through the examination of over 20 years of research and professional practice of experts of the sector.

Previous Events

The Church’s Response to Covid-19 Global Crisis: Pastoral and Managerial Challenges – April 6, 2020

Following the spread of Covid-19 globally, Churches of all denominations have started suspending services voluntarily, while others are being forced to do so by Government measures. In the Catholic Church, faithful lay, religious, and clergy are all looking for creative ways to provide spiritual support and access to sacraments. Pontifical University of the Holy Cross’s Program of Church Management is bringing together an international team for a webinar to address how to seize the crisis as an opportunity of grace and for grace to shine forth.

Management Issues in Fulfilling the Mission of Catholic Educational Institutions – February 27, 2020

Catholic schools have a precious service to render to the Church in her mission of evangelization. How do management competencies help face the challenges of Catholic schools in different settings? Presenters:

  • Br. Thomas Kearny, CFC – Senior Lecturer in the Tangaza University College Institute of Social Transformation
  • Ms. Doris Fernandez Ferrer – Executive Director of the Private Education Assistance Committee, Philippines

Management Issues in Fulfilling the Mission of Catholic Health Care Organizations – January 16, 2020

Catholic healthcare can be a privileged place for evangelization open to different cultures and an effective channel for Christian values. What are the critical management issues to solve in order to achieve this mission? Presenters:

Management Science and the Mission of the Church – December 5, 2019

On December 5, 2019, we started the Speaker series called Stewards of Providence: Making the Resources of the Church Fruitful. Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Executive Director/CEO at Relevant Radio  – USA, best known as Father Rocky) was our guest speaker from the United States. Through his both personal and professional experience he spoke about Management Science and the Mission of the Church.