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We Equip the Next Generation of Church Leaders for Exemplary Stewardship

The Global Institute of Church Management (GICM) is dedicated to promoting the formation of Church leaders in critical management skills so that they can better serve their communities and give testimony to the Gospel. By coordinating and funding educational institutes and programs of Church Management around the world, GICM helps develop good managerial practices in the context of canon law and Catholic social teaching. Learn more about our Mission and Vision, What We Do, the Program of Church Management in Rome, and What Our Students Say.

The 4 Objectives of GICM

Support the Flagship Program of Church Management in Rome

We support and promote the Program of Church Management (PCM) at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Santa Croce) in Rome. PCM was started at the behest of the Vatican.

Build Partnerships

We establish partnerships with institutions in countries around the globe so as to offer Program of Church Management locally, advancing best business practices in Church institutions so that they may exemplarily reflect the Church's Social Teaching.

Provide Ongoing Education

We provide online course delivery designed to contribute to the ongoing support of education and research in Church Management.

Build Resources that Support Church Teaching through Ongoing Research

We develop programs and resources to support efficient and transparent Church Management, contributing to the theology of the Church outlined by Vatican II and articulated by the magisterium of St. John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.

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