Managing the Assets of the Church: Investing For Catholic Organizations

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FEBRUARY 10, 2022

7AM Pacific | 11AM Eastern | 4PM Central European | 11PM Philippines

 Managing The Assets of The Church:  Investing For Catholic Organizations

In this webinar we focus on the importance of investing for Catholic organizations.

Many of us find the world of investing daunting, and know that, while it can be a great tool to grow the Church’s assets and help with her missionary mission, it can also be misused and misunderstood.

Given the complexity of portfolios and investments, most of us don’t have the background or knowledge to understand options presented to us and starting to invest seems like an impossible feat. Join our panelists as they help us navigate the complex world of investing for Catholic organizations.



Matthew B. O’Brien

Matthew B. O’Brien, president of O’Brien Greene & Co. Matthew has taught as a lecturer at Rutgers University and as a post-doctoral research fellow at Villanova University. He has also taught courses at Program of Church Management in Rome.

Mary Brunson

Mary Brunson, vice-president and Wealth Advisor (Series 65) at Index Fund Advisors, Inc. and Investing for Catholics. Mary's expertise in faith-consistent investing rooted in financial science allows Mary to provide fiduciary advice and institutional wealth services to religious organizations, including Archdioceses, endowments and foundations. Mary is a speaker, author and authority on developing sound investment policy for prudent investing. She has written numerous articles, including papers co-authored with IFA President Mark Hebner and Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Harry Markowitz.

Andreas Machnik

Andreas Machnik, director of Foreign Clients Branch for Pax-Bank eG., a Church-owned bank founded in 1917 by priests in Cologne, Germany. Andreas has extensive knowledge of banking and investing for international Catholic organizations, having traveled to Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Holy Land. Since 2015, Mr. Machnik has served on a financial committee of two African provinces of an international congregation of papal law.

Dr. Pia de Solenni

Pia de Solenni. SThD is a theologian, ethicist, and cultural analyst. She recently served as Chancellor of the Diocese of Orange, California, and Theological Advisor to the Bishop. Her work has appeared in various publications including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Washington Post, National Catholic Reporter, Our Sunday Visitor, and National Review Online. She is also a consultant member of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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