Catholic Schools After The Pandemic

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The pandemic caused Catholic schools around the world to face an unprecedented crisis. But two years later, many schools have reopened stronger and more vibrant.
Catholic schools

I recently had an insightful conversation with Jonathan Boulos, CEO of Saint Joseph’s Financial Services, on the importance of best practices and creative thinking as means to grow the mission of the Church, especially within Catholic Educational institutions.

While the pandemic has been a difficult time, it has also been a period of introspection, allowing us to reflect on what needs to change so that we can grow and build a better community, a community based on grace and true human virtue.

In his book “Let us Dream”, Pope Francis talks about the need to dream of a better world forming after the pandemic, a world that can only renew and re-shape itself by allowing us to find new ways to grow. “The change of era, accelerated by coronavirus, is a propitious moment for reading the signs of the times. A gap has opened up between the realities and challenges we face and the recipes and solutions available to us. That gap becomes a space in which to reflect, question and dialogue.” *

Catholic schools around the USA, and around the world, faced an unprecedented crisis with the closure of school. They had to change and read the signs to be able to resurge after the pandemic. As Jonathan emphasized, this gave many a renewed commitment to high-level reform across institutions, Catholic schools included. Thanks to this reform, catholic schools can achieve becoming private-education leaders in the coming decades – and we are here to help them do just that.

*Pope Francis, “Let Us Dream – The Path To A Better Future” New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 2020
Pia de Solenni

Pia de Solenni

Dr. de Solenni is President & Executive Director of the Global Institute of Church Management. She is a theologian, ethicist, and cultural analyst. She recently served as Chancellor of the Diocese of Orange, California, and Theological Advisor to the Bishop. Her work has appeared in various publications including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Washington Post, National Catholic Reporter, Our Sunday Visitor, and National Review Online. She is also a consultant member of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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