Webinar: Managing the Church’s Assets: Real Estate & Innovation

real estate

Managing the Church's Assets:
Real Estate & Innovation

September 9, 2021

3pm utc— 7am pt— 10am eT — 11pm PHilippines

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In our inaugural even for our 2021-2022 webinar series, Managing the Assets of the Church, we will be speaking about Real Estate and Innovation.  Among the many assets entrusted to the Church, real estate is possibly the most visible and the most affected by changing demographics, economics, and market trends. We’re going to be speaking with experts in the field who are working on the ground to reimagine and revitalize Church properties in a way that better serves our apostolic and evangelical needs, while providing much-needed revenue for the Church.



Jeff Rauenhorst

Jeff Rauenhorst

Executive Vice President, Asset Management, Mission Energy As an experienced entrepreneurial executive, Jeff works every day to care for our common home, as Pope Francis calls us all to do.  Jeff is Executive Vice President of Asset Management at Mission Energy.  Mission Energy runs the Catholic Energies program for the Catholic Climate Covenant.  Working exclusively with Catholic organizations, Catholic Energies provides expertise to design, implement and finance solar and efficiency projects that reduce energy costs, enabling Catholic organizations to use those savings in support of their critical ministries.  Jeff is responsible Mission Energy's asset ownership strategy, including creating the first-of-its-kind impact fund for Catholic solar projects. Previously, Jeff was on the founding team of Vigilent, pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to deliver heating and cooling energy savings while increasing reliability.  In his 10 years at Vigilent, he led several groups, including business development, operations, analytics, and customer success.  Jeff has over 20 years of experience on Catholic-grounded foundations, including the current chairperson of the Opus Foundation.  Jeff previously served on the board of the Catholic Climate Covenant. Jeff uses any excuse to be outside in the mountains and lives with his wife and two children in North Lake Tahoe, NV.  Jeff has an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

David Murphy

Program Director, Church Properties Initiative, Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate David Murphy is the Program Director for the Church Properties Initiative at the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate. Prior to his appointment, David co-founded QuoVadis Catholic, a non-profit that places young adult Catholic professionals in underutilized Church property and has consulted parishes, dioceses, and Catholic schools on real estate topics. He is also involved with a number of Catholic start ups and served as a project manager for Notre Dame's Catholic Accelerator. David served 6 years on active duty with the U.S. Navy as a helicopter pilot flying the MH-60S before spending a year as a Postulant with the Congregation of Holy Cross at Moreau Seminary. He studied political science and theology at the University of Notre Dame.

Solène Tadié

Solène Tadié

Europe Correspondent, National Catholic Register Solène Tadié is the Europe Correspondent for the National Catholic Register. She is French-Swiss and grew up in Paris. After graduating from Roma III University with a degree in journalism, she began reporting on Rome and the Vatican for Aleteia. She joined L’Osservatore Romano in 2015, where she successively worked for the French section and the Cultural pages of the Italian daily newspaper. She has also collaborated with several French-speaking Catholic media organizations. Solène has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and recently translated in French (for Editions Salvator) Defending the Free Market: The Moral Case for a Free Economy  by the Acton Institute’s Fr. Robert Sirico.

Pia de Solenni

Pia de Solenni

President & Executive Director, Global Institute of Church Management

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