A Special St. Joseph Project with EWTN

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Jesus in the Temple

If you were able to join us yesterday for our webinar on Financial Transparency for Parishes, you may have noticed that in the discussion of good business practice, we kept coming back to the theme of trust. Being a good steward is fundamentally about being someone that others can trust, whether with the resources of a parish or — in the case of St. Joseph —  the protection and safety of the Holy Family. 

In this Year of St. Joseph, we were inspired to honor this great saint in a special way as a model of faithful stewardship. T
oday we are excited to announce the results of a special project with EWTN to bring you a series of meditations on the life and mission of St. Joseph. Starting on Monday, March 15, EWTN will be broadcasting a series of inspiring reflections from GICM on  St. Joseph. Every day, we speak to a different aspect of this unique saint’s mission: as the husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus, as a model of stewardship.  

We are honored to include reflections from Cardinal Peter Turkson, Fr. Robert Gahl, Fr. Cristian Mendoza, Fr. Guy Noël, and the Very Rev. Scott Borgman. We’ve included the broadcast schedule of the series below, but please also watch our social channels for links to the videos as they are available.

Episode 1: Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary
March 15 – 2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern
March 15 – 11:30 PM Pacific /  March 16 – 2:30 AM Eastern

Episode 2: Saint Joseph, Father of Jesus
March 16 – 2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern
March 16 – 11:30 PM Pacific / March 17 – 2:30 AM Eastern 

Episode 3: Saint Joseph, the Humble
March 17 – 
2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern
March 17 – 11:30 PM Pacific /  March 18 – 2:30 AM Eastern 

Episode 4: Saint Joseph and the Temple
March 18 – 
2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern
March 18 – 11:30 PM Pacific /  March 19 – 2:30 AM Eastern 

Episode 5: Saint Joseph, the Steward 
March 19 – 
2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM Eastern
March 20 – 12:00 AM Pacific / 3:00 AM Eastern

Finally, it’s not too late to join our novena to ask for St. Joseph’s  powerful intercession for all of the intentions and needs of our students, teachers, staff, and benefactors.  You can register here to receive daily reminders to pray with us. Please feel free to share this invitation.
As always, please share this email with others who may be interested in our EWTN series, joining our novena, or our work at GICM.

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