Crux: Vatican financial reform going in the right direction, Pell says

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Cardinal Pell speaking

Pell referred to both past and present Vatican scandals, suggesting that had these steps been taken sooner, “A good deal of the present troubles, especially the London troubles, they might not have been prevented, but they certainly would have been recognized earlier.”

Pell’s mention of London refers to the controversial $225 million land deal in London in which a former Harrod’s warehouse originally slated for conversion into luxury apartments was purchased by the Vatican’s Secretariat of State drawing on funds from “Peter’s Pence,” an annual collection from Catholic faithful designed to support papal charities.

He was speaking during an online event titled, “Creating a Culture of Transparency in the Catholic Church,” which was part of a webinar series organized by the Global Institute of Church Management with the help of the Program of Church Management at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

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