Webinar: Financial Transparency for Religious Orders

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April 8, 2021

7AM Pacific | 11AM Eastern | 4PM Central European | 11PM Philippines

Financial Transparency for Religious Orders

Religious orders in the Catholic Church have long held a certain autonomy. Many have sizeable assets. As well, some are declining in their members. Many have been directly impacted by the sexual abuse carried out by their members. Challenges and changing financial standards create a unique situation for religious orders. This webinar looks at some of the main challenges and best practices.




Sr. Patricia Murray

Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM

Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM, is Executive Secretary of the International Union of the Superiors General (UISG.) Sr. Pat, who is a member of the General Council of her congregation, the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters), has a Master’s degree in both Education and Theology and a Doctorate in Practical Theology.

Fr. Carlos Balderas

Fr. Carlos Balderas is the General Vicar for the Servants of Jesus, a young religious institution that celebrates 50 years of foundation. Currently, he is a Philosophy Professor at the Palafoxiano Seminary in Puebla, Mexico.

Fr. John Harhager, S.M.

Fr. John Harhager, S.M. currently serves as Vicar General and Bursar General for the Society of Mary (Marists). He has been involved in financial management, in different ways, for most of the past forty years. While he is finishing his third year as bursar general, he had previously served in the same capacity for eight years which ended in 2005. He was also provincial bursar, local bursar, member of various financial committees.

Pia de Solenni

Dr. Pia de Solenni

Pia de Solenni. SThD is a theologian, ethicist, and cultural analyst. She recently served as Chancellor of the Diocese of Orange, California, and Theological Advisor to the Bishop. Her work has appeared in various publications including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Washington Post, National Catholic Reporter, Our Sunday Visitor, and National Review Online. She is also a consultant member of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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