Webinar: Organizing the Church: Pyramid or Team?

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The hierarchy vs. team dichotomy is a classic debate in organization studies. Proponents of participatory management have criticized hierarchy as an obstacle to efficient communication, motivation, and learning, while those who have defended hierarchy view it as indispensable for large organizations.

A similar debate exists in the Church, where there is long tradition of participatory vs. hierarchical modes of governance.
During the webinar our guests discussed:

  • What is the right balance between hierarchy (clergy) and participation (of the laity)?

  • Can hierarchy and teamwork coexist and leverage each other?

  • Is there a theology of hierarchy and a theology of “inverted hierarchy”?

  • How can we avoid the pitfalls of both organizational models as suggested by organization science?



John Hillen

John Hillen

Experienced CEO, Author, and Business School Professor at George Mason University

Mary Hallan FioRito

Cardinal Francis George Fellow de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture University of Notre Dame

Fr. Bob

Fr. Robert Gahl

Vice Director, Program of Church Management

Pia de Solenni

Dr. Pia de Solenni

President & Executive Director, Global Institute of Church Management

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