The Launch of it All

We’re thrilled to be able to share with you a video of our IBLAC (International Business Leaders Advisory Council) meeting where we introduced the GICM.

Leading off with Msgr. Martin Sclag, here are some of the highlights if you wish to jump ahead:

3:00   – Fr. Luis Navarro, Rector, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome

4:55   – Fr. Robert Gahl, Vice Chair Program of Church Management

6:45   – Dr. Pia de Solenni, President & Executive Director, Global Institute of Church Management

10:55 – Update on the Program of Church Management

19:10 – Overview of the Global Institute of Church Management

24:25 – Dr. Luca Mongelli, Director of the Program of Church Management

26:47 – Capstone Project: Integrated Child Development Program, India – Fr. Kokto Kurican

29:52 – Capstone Project: Sustaining the Shepherd’s Ministry, Philippines – Fr. Martin Funa

32:33 – Love the Poor, Philippines – Fr. Joel Pacquina Aguar and Chrisma Bangaoil

45:45 – Cardinal Pell’s address to GICM

56:40 – Winner of Capstone projects

1:01 – Final Blessing from Fr. Gahl

1:03 – Questions



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