Capstone Project: Love the Poor

Last week, we were proud to launch the Global Institute of Church Management (GICM) and share with you three Capstone Projects — student-led action plans that demonstrate mastery of new management skills in addressing a unique challenge in the student’s home diocese. Every capstone is approved by the student’s bishop and focuses on filling an unmet need. These projects also help to ensure that the Program of Church Management continues to bear fruit long after the students finish their studies.

A Winning Project

You voted for the best project pitch out of three great contenders. I’m happy to share with you a brief thank you from Fr. Joel and Chrisma for your confidence in Love the Poor — a project that provides desperately needed material resources so that more people can attend church and receive catechesis. The Church has long maintained one of the many evils of poverty is that people are sometimes prevented from participating in religion if they lack basic material goods (cf. Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, n. 20). In Fr. Joel and Chrisma’s diocese, this group of people wouldn’t be able to participate in the sacramental life of the Church if they did not have Love the Poor to provide them with the food that they would otherwise need to work for that same day.

You can see a presentation of all three Capstone projects presented here.

Like anyone learning a new skill, our students depend on encouragement from their community. Your prayers and support help our students focus on developing the skills they need to serve the poor and bring Catholic social teaching to life, particularly in the sacraments. If you have not done so already, please follow us on social media as we continue to grow, learn, and strengthen the Church, one project at a time.